Research at Solenne

Already since our incorporation, we at Solenne are actively involved in research on fullerene derivatives. We have ongoing collaborations with various universities, companies, and research institutes around the globe. Currently, Solenne is a member of the EU-funded H2020 project PERTPV (Perovskite Thin Film Photovoltaics) on perovskite devices.

Over the years, we have successfully synthesized many new derivatives for organic photovoltaics applications, including a large variety of materials that we prepared upon requests for our customers. Some are shown in the section with special derivatives, but we have many other compounds available. So if you are looking for a special derivative, or want to discuss the tuning of the chemical or physical properties of a certain derivative, we are always willing to help you.

Our research activities are not limited to the synthesis of fullerene derivatives. We are also constantly working to improve the quality of our products, our production processes, and the general way we do things.

Solenne is also active in other research areas when it comes to the use of fullerene dervatives. In particular, we have developed a class of fullerene derivatives that are safe to use in cosmetics and biomedical (dermatological) applications. More information can be found in our patents.


Fullerene derivatives for large scale applications

At Solenne, we have many years of experience with the scale-up of fullerene chemistry from gram to kilogram scale. We regularly do reactions up to 50L scale, and we can go to even larger size if necessary.

With our possibility to do large ­scale synthesis, up to kg-scale, we can quickly supply our customers with large quantities of a fullerene derivative. This can be from a single batch, if desired, thus minimizing problems related to batch-­to-­batch variations.

For large ­scale users of PCBM, we have also developed so-called industrial­ grade PCBM. This patented material performs as well as pure PCBM in organic solar cells. It is now available as both industrial grade [60]PCBM and [70]PCBM. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Solenne, we do the fullerene purification and the necessary precursor chemistry in-house. This means that we have control over every aspect of the synthesis of the fullerene derivatives that we supply.