We are currently involved in two research projects:

1. Perovskite solar cells

Solenne is one of the partners of the EU Horizon 2020 project on Perovskite Thin-Film Photovoltaics. This project is also known as the PERTPV project.

Within this project, Solenne works on the development and subsequent scale-up of new and existing fullerene derivatives that are used as the electron-conducting layer in the perovskite solar cells.

For more information about this project, go to https://pertpv.web.ox.ac.uk/home


2. Large-scale fullerene chemistry

Part of our research on scale-up is also sponsored by SNN. Within this project, we focus on a special reaction: the synthesis of our patented fullerene-based anti-oxidant Oxofulleram. This compound in used in our cosmetics products. See also www.combray-skincare.com

The project involves the development of alternative methods for the synthesis of the Oxofulleram, and the improvement of an already existing synthesis step, which is currently difficult to scale-up. The end-goal is to create a new, commercially viable synthesis for Oxofulleram.

Many techniques and methods that are common for laboratory-scale syntheses or purification of fullerene derivatives are not suitable for actual industrial production. This project will finally bring fullerene chemistry to the next level. More information can be found here (in Dutch).