News overview

Special end-of-summer sale

This year, we have a special end-of-summer sale. Starting today, for several weeks many of our fullerene derivatives will be available at discounted prices. This includes regular items such as ICBA and [70]PCBM. Discounts are up to 30%, or even more in some cases.

Do you want to stock up on your C60-compounds? Want to have a complete collection of materials for your research? Always wanted to test some of our special compounds, but afraid to spend too much money? Now is your chance!

So order your fullerene derivatives now!!

new derivatives available: CPTE and CPTA

Recently, two new derivatives were added to our product line: CPTE and CPTA. These compounds bind to perovskite surfaces, and are used as a (conducting) interface layer in these photovoltaic devices.

stageplaats / internship

For 2018-2019, we will have the possibility for an internship again, at MBO or HBO level (Dutch education system). Candidates should have a clear interest in organic chemistry. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.