Solenne is one of the world-leading companies on fullerene derivatives. Therefore, we are the preferred partner for a large number of companies working on applications of fullerenes in organic electronics. When it comes to scale-up, our large production capacity means short lead times, with many compounds available directly from stock. At Solenne, we put the customer first, and we never compromise on quality.

In the past decade, we have gathered a lot of experience with the scale-up of fullerene chemistry from gram to kilogram scale. Production and purification of large quantities of high-quality fullerene derivatives is now dayly routine at Solenne. Single-batch shipments are always possible, thus reducing problems related to batch-to-batch variations.

For large-scale users of fullerene derivatives, we can supply industrial-grade C60– and C70-derivatives. These patented materials are the only economically viable option for the succesful commercialization of organic PV, when multi-kilogram quantities of fullerene derivatives will be required for the production of the devices. Industrial-grade PCBM and PCBB, as well as industrial-grade [70]PCBM, are part of our normal product portfolio. Other industrial-grade fullerene derivatives can be made upon request, and they can of course be tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements. For more information, please contact us.

At Solenne, we also do the necessary precursor chemistry and the purification of the fullerenes in-house. This means that we have control over every aspect of the quality of the fullerene derivatives that we supply.