Frequently asked questions


How can I place an order?

Orders can be placed by sending an e-mail to, by sending a fax to +31 50 577 0283, or by regular mail. All orders are subject to our general terms and conditions.

Can you ship to my institute/country?

We can ship our fullerene derivatives to all countries of the world. We sell our materials to academic institutes and other research institutions, to companies and industrial research labs, and to distributors. We do not sell to individuals.

How do you ship my order?

Shipping is normally by express delivery  (like UPS, FedEx, DHL, or TNT Express). For some European destinations, and for some small orders, we can also ship by normal mail package. The shipping costs will be added to the order.

Please note that for some destinations, pre-payment of your order may be required.

When will you ship my order?

Most of the fullerene derivatives that we sell are available directly from stock. We will normally ship your order within 24 hours, if we accept your order and have all the necessary information.

Can we pay by credit card or Paypal?

Yes, you can certainly pay by credit card or Paypal. We have a standard form for credit card payments. Download and complete it, and return it to us. You can also give us the necessary details by phone. For Paypal payments, please contact us for further details.

What are your payment conditions?

All our invoices are 30 days, net, unless we agree otherwise. Invoices are added to the package, and can also be send electronically or to a separate address, if required.

Payment can be by bank transfer or by credit card. For some destinations, pre-payment of the order may be required. For large orders, a downpayment may sometimes be necessary.

Payment by Paypal is also possible, upon request. We can no longer accept payment by check, due to high bank costs.

How long does it take for delivery?

Express delivery is normally within 1-2 days in Europe, and 2-4 days for other destinations. However, there may sometimes be delays in case of customs inspections. We always give you the tracking number when the package is shipped.

What are your lead times?

Most of the fullerene derivatives   – such as [60]PCBM, [70]PCBM, bis[60]PCBM, ICBA, [60]IPH, PTEG-1, and so on –   are available directly from stock. In the rare event that they are not in stock, lead times are usually 1-2 weeks .

The special fullerene derivatives are often also available directly from stock, but some may have lead times because they are only made upon request. Do not hesitate to inquire about availability of any compound that you may want to buy.

What about customs duties and VAT?

Unforfunately, we all have to pay taxes. For intra-EU shipments, no VAT is added on the invoice, and there are no customs duties. For other destinations, local authorities will normally add applicable taxes. We always send the necessary papers with the package, to avoid extra costs or unwanted delays. It is not possible for Solenne to pay these taxes.