Since our incorporation in 2005, Solenne is actively involved in research on fullerene derivatives and their applications. We have ongoing collaborations with various universities, research institutes, and companies around the globe.

Over the years, these research collaborations have resulted in many publications in high-ranking scientific journals. We have also developed many new derivatives that can be used very successfully in perovskite and polymer-based OPV devices. Important examples are the so-called IPX derivatives such as [60]IPH, which clearly outperforms [60]PCBM in certain polymer:fullerene devices and in perovskite solar cells, and KLOC-6, a unique molecule that is a much stronger electron acceptor than [60]PCBM.

We are constantly working to further improve the quality of our products, to make sure that our customers get the best performance in their devices when using our fullerene derivatives. And, after almost 15 years of product and process development, we have vast experience with the large-scale production of fullerene derivatives.

Our fullerene derivatives also find application in other areas than organic electronics, such as dermatology.

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