At Solenne, we have many years of experience with the scale-up of fullerene chemistry from gram to kilogram scale, and with the routine purification of large quantities of C60 and C70 fullerene.

Our large production capacity allows us to quickly supply our customers with large quantities of a fullerene  derivative. Often, this can be single-batch shipments, thus reducing problems related to batch-to-batch variations.

For large-scale users of PCBM, we have also developed so-called technical-grade PCBM. This patented material performs as well as pure PCBM, and it is available as technical-grade [60]PCBM and [70]PCBM. For more  information, please contact us.

At Solenne, we also do the necessary precursor chemistry in-house. This means that we have control over every aspect of  the quality of the fullerene derivatives that we supply.